A number of events choreographed by Ms. Parks to her credit include:
-“Golden Globe” awards show (CA)

-“Car Wash” movie-tour

-“Tribute to the Black Women Theater-Special

-“Carousal”, the Musical

-Palm Springs, CA Black History Pageants (2010-’13)

-Commissioned by Ms. Dunham, Ms. Parks re-staged Ms. Dunham’s, 1935 piece
 “RUMBA TRIO”, on the Lula Washington’s Dance Company.

-‘Helen’s Cousins’, originally choreographed by Ms. Parks, a Martha Graham-style piece. For the pre-teens, of the Lula Washington Company, at the Ford Theater
(LA., CA).



Trina at dance studio

 The"DUNHAM CELEBRATION" dance, I choreographed.

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